‘The Journey of a Tattooed Yemeni Feminist’

(Photo via Feet in 2 Worlds)

A Yemeni-American woman in her 20s tells her story of living in two distinct worlds – at home in Brooklyn with her parents, she follows traditional Yemeni and Muslim culture but outside, she is a “tattooed feminist who speaks her mind.”

In the morning she dresses how she wants to look, then covers the clothes with an abaya – a body-length dress worn by some Muslim women – and puts on a hijab before removing the traditional clothing on her way to work.

In speaking to reporter Tahini Rahman, she explains how she balances her two identities. Listen to the podcast, entitled “My Hijab, My Body – The Journey of a Tattooed Yemeni Feminist” at Feet in 2 Worlds.


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