‘What’s Happening in South Sudan?’

Milton Allimadi speaking at the forum (Photo from Brooklyn For Peace via Black Star News)

What’s happening in South Sudan?

A forum held on June 7 and sponsored by Brooklyn For Peace and co-sponsored by the United African Congress and the Give Them a Hand Foundation addressed the question as speakers discussed the causes behind the ongoing civil war. Ugandan-native activist Milton Allimadi, who is the publisher of Black Star News and an adjunct professor at John Jay College, was among the speakers. Coverage that appeared in the publication included his remarks, which started with some background on the conflict in the world’s newest country.

In December 2013, more than two years after South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan, a civil war broke out in the central African nation. President Salva Kiir (of the Dinka tribe) accused then vice president Riek Machar (Nuer tribe) of attempting to stage a coup. Despite a peace deal in early 2016, fighting resumed and has so far left tens of thousands dead and displaced millions.

Mr. Allimadi places a large part of the responsibility on Gen. Yoweri Museveni, current dictator of neighboring Uganda, who seeks regional hegemony and has sent forces and military aid in support of Salva Kiir. Uganda, he noted, is a major ally of the United States and often does its bidding in regional conflicts. Military aid to Uganda, funded by U.S. tax dollars, has been used against the civilians in South Sudan. Allimadi said Americans can play a critical role in ending the massacres since the U.S. provides $750 million annually to the Museveni regime.

Allimadi has started a petition addressed to António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations. For more details on the petition and other remarks given at the forum, go to Black Star News.

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