Morristown Approves Municipal ID

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After almost two years of nonstop work, nonprofit Wind of the Spirit was able to get the Morristown council to approve municipal IDs for its residents, the second town in Morris County to do so. Five of the seven council members voted in favor, while two abstained.

The community received the news with great enthusiasm.

Municipal identification cards are undoubtedly a positive step. They allow undocumented people and those who have difficulty obtaining other forms of identification to have a document that proves their identity that is accepted by the town’s authorities. Undocumented people will no longer have to carry their passports in order to prove who they are and will be able to make complaints to the police without having to explain that they do not possess documents.

Cristian Dardon, a Morristown resident and member of Wind of the Spirit, said: “In some ways, the identification card will relieve some of the fear the undocumented community is suffering, as they will be able to interact with the police and identify themselves as residents of the town through a local government-issued ID.”

Every Morristown resident will be able to apply for a municipal ID card beginning on Aug. 1. It will cost between $7.00 and $15.00, depending on the applicant’s age, and will be valid for two years.  The program is designed so that anyone who can prove that they are a resident of the town and over 14 years of age has access to the card. The ID will be available to everyone: seniors, citizens, homeless people and immigrants, even if undocumented.

Morristown Administrator Jillian C. Barrick told the council that it will now be easier for town residents who have the ID to access certain basic municipal benefits such as opening bank accounts, having access to health services and using the municipal pool.

Rev. Hernán Arias, from St. Margaret of Scotland Church, extended his congratulations to the town’s residents, to Wind of the Spirit and to the churches that worked to pass this ordinance, adding: “This is a great victory for our city.”

People wishing to obtain more information about these identification cards may communicate with Wind of the Spirit by phone, at (973) 538-2035, or by email, at

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