Patel Running for Civil Court Judgeship

Attorney Hemalee J. Patel,with her son, Saam, is running for judge in the 6th municipal district civil court primary race. (Photo via Kings County Politics)

Hemalee J. Patel, a lawyer and involved Brooklyn community member, is running for civil court judge in the 6th municipal district in Brooklyn, reports Kings County Politics. The district includes Northern Park Slope, Lefferts Gardens and a stretch between Coney Island Avenue and Ocean Avenue to Avenue M.

Currently, Patel serves as a Court Attorney-Referee in Richmond County (Staten Island) Supreme Court, where she conduct trials and hearings on financial issues in matrimonial matters, including equitable distribution, child support and maintenance. And while she understands legislative government, she remains drawn to the judicial branch and helping immigrants and less moneyed people navigate the often daunting judicial system, and leaving with the feeling they had a fair and just day in court.

“The quality of our lives is directly and deeply influenced by those who serve the public and I consider myself privileged to be a civil servant—and try always to be one in the truest sense. This means, to my mind, that I must not only do my best, but convey that intention by being at all times honest, fair and courteous to the parties and attorneys who appear before me,” said Patel.

Patel came to the U.S. from India at the age of 5 with her mother, after her father had first come here.

“As an immigrant South Asian woman I have a unique perspective that, along with my background, experience and proven ability in performing the duties and responsibilities of a Court Attorney-Referee, prepares me to undertake a career as a judge,” said Petal.

She grew up in Queens, attended New York University in Manhattan, and attended Brooklyn Law School. She resides with her family in Bay Ridge. For more on Patel, and those running against her, go to Kings Country Politics.

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