A Hindu Lamp Ceremony in Brooklyn

Aeilushi Mistry preparing to place lamps onto the East River at the Aarti Lamp Ceremony at Brooklyn Bridge Park. (Photo by Nathan Haselby via BKLYNER)

On Aug. 5 artist Aeilushi Mistry organized the fifth annual Aarti Hindu Lamp Ceremony at Brooklyn Bridge Park. In covering the event for BKLYNER, Pamela Wong writes:

The Aarti Ceremony consists of connecting with the “mother river” by hand-decorating palm leaf bowls (supplied for the event by Bamblu) in ceremonial colors like Kum Kum (a deep red created from saffron used in ceremonies worshipping Hindu goddesses), tumeric (whose golden color is considered auspicious in India and is associated with the sun or the deity Vishnu), chandan (sandalwood, used in many important Hindu ceremonies), and abir (a deep orange/red derived from flowers including marigolds and hibiscus).

Once painted, a cotton wick dipped in ghee butter is placed into the bowl, transforming it into a lamp. The lamp is then lit and released onto the East River for blessing. (…)

Go to BKLYNER for photos from the ceremony, what it symbolizes in Hinduism and the significance of bodies of water in Indian society.

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