A Milestone for Hebrew Home

Residents of the Hebrew Home at Riverdale visit the assisted living facility’s centennial exhibition. (Photo courtesy of Hebrew Home at Riverdale via The Riverdale Press)

Hebrew Home at Riverdale, a senior care center located in the northwestern Bronx neighborhood, is marking its 100th anniversary with a historical exhibition. Lisa Herndon writes for The Riverdale Press:

Using a mix of photographs, letters and artifacts, the assisted living facility created a centennial exhibition, weaving pivotal times in American history against milestone moments in Hebrew Home’s history.

Perhaps one of the most poignant items in the collection is a letter by resident Shloyme Szenk. Using Hebrew Home for the Aged letterhead — the facility’s original name — Szenk wrote to his son living in Poland inquiring about his safety.

It was August 1939, the eve of the German invasion of Poland, and a few years after four-time Olympic gold medalist Jesse Owens disproved Adolf Hitler’s rhetoric of Aryan supremacy in the 1936 Olympics.

Susan Chevlowe, Hebrew Home’s curator and museum director, noted that the son likely ended up in the Warsaw ghetto, where the letter was found, and “probably perished during the Holocaust.”

She tells The Riverdale Press that they wanted the exhibit to have a “local and global” perspective and added that they were not necessarily “interested in capturing the most important event of a particular decade…”

Instead, what kind of historical events were they looking for? How does Chevlowe hope the exhibit will change visitors’ views on the elderly? What other notable artifacts make up the exhibit? Find out at The Riverdale Press.

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  1. Susan Sedarbaum Werner says:

    Who was the Executive Director of “The Hebrew Home” when it was located in Upper Manhattan? My mother was his his secretary for several years before I was born.

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