Muslim Nonprofits Get Legal Advice

Attendees at the recent meeting held by CLCMA (Photo by Ryan Quinn via Queens Tribune)

Nonprofits in the Muslim community may experience particular problems in navigating the legal system, in part, says Charles Swift, director of the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America, because they are subject to greater scrutiny both for reasons of bias and security. Ryan Quinn of Queens Tribune reports on a meeting that CLCMA held in Astoria for representatives from Muslim nonprofits to give them advice on dealing with the intricacies of the legal system.

“They want to comply,” said Swift, who cited Muslims’ attendance at the seminar as evidence of this desire. However, due to low-budget operations and a dearth of lawyers in their communities, Muslims lack the awareness of the nuances of the law.

CLCMA hopes to ease the legal troubles faced by Muslim Americans. To help, the group has launched a tour of seminars during which [three CLCMA attorneys] give educational presentations on the complexities of the law and how to prevent complications that could arise from a lack of knowledge of its nuances. The tour started last September, and the three plan on holding similar seminars in major American cities with significant Muslim populations. They presented before a group of more than 30 audience members—many of whom were leaders of Muslim organizations—on Saturday in Astoria. Subject matter during the presentations included various aspects of the law, including business law, litigation, civil law, tax law and First Amendment rights.

Go to Queens Tribune to learn what primary advice the lawyers at the session provided attendees.

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