Opinion: Malliotakis a ‘Formidable’ Candidate

(Photo via New York Jewish Life)

Nicole Malliotakis, the Republican running for mayor against Bill de Blasio, is a “formidable” candidate who “should be taken seriously,” Michael Tobman, publisher of New York Jewish Life, writes in an editorial. Tobman, a Democrat, is an attorney and former senior aide to Chuck Schumer, the senior Democrat representing New York in the U.S. Senate.

Noting that “heavyweight Democrats ducked” challenging de Blasio in a primary fight, Tobman lauds Malliotakis for being “tireless, media savvy, unafraid and public minded.”

Nicole already chased off another Republican challenger who had spent a fortune early in the race, mostly by simply being more present and active. She seems to be everywhere, and that counts for a lot. Every day, those who pay attention to these things see her sitting with seniors in the Bronx, visiting public housing in Manhattan, talking with parents in Brooklyn, singing with church crowds in Queens and shoring up her base in Staten Island. Being there matters.

Tobman is quick to credit de Blasio with “well-earned victories in early education, affordable housing development and public health initiatives,” as well as for supporting people with addiction and mental health problems. But he notes that de Blasio is vulnerable to criticism in his handling of city-state relations and on other fronts.

Go to New York Jewish Life to read who Tobman thinks the Republican candidate may appeal to, and what type of leadership skills she seems to be promoting in her bid for the mayoralty.



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