‘Plantains Means There’s Always Food in the Home’

Sarahlynn Pablo speaks with fellow workshop participant Yewande Komolafe. (Photo by Rachael Bongiorno via Feet in 2 Worlds)

During a food journalism workshop organized by Feet in 2 Worlds, participants paired up to share their stories of food and cultural traditions. They produced five-minute audio clips on the following:

  • Plantains – Katherine Hernandez speaks about growing up with plantains, what she would eat for her “entire childhood practically whenever there was not much to eat in the home…” She added that “plantains means there’s always food in the home.”
  • Saffron – Shiva Bayat explains how saffron got her in touch with her Persian roots while growing up in Egypt and now living in NYC.
  • Kawali – Natalia Roxas speaks about using a Filipino cooking pan, known as a kawali, to prepare a special meal for Christmas.
  • Rice, salt and sugar – In describing how second-generation immigrants can learn about their heritage through food, Sarahlynn Pablo says that she learned from her mother to fill three jars with basic Filipino ingredients – rice, salt and sugar – when moving into a new home.

Go to Feet in 2 Worlds to hear the audio stories.

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