A Teenage Conservative Activist in Brooklyn

Batya Goldberg (Photo from Goldberg via BKLYNER)

Sixteen-year-old political activist Batya Goldberg of Brighton Beach describes herself as a “conservative, female member of Generation Z.” The daughter of refugees from the Soviet Union speaks to BKLYNER’s Zainab Iqbal about being a Republican, President Trump’s immigration ban, starting the first teen Republican club in Brooklyn and educating people on local politics.

Why is she a Republican?

“Democratic party is very corrupt and doesn’t understand the motto… which is you [work] hard for what you want in life. The Democrats are trying to trick minorities and our youth that things like college, food, and housing can be received from the government for free without any retributions. I believe this goes against the American credo of hard work. Although, there are some issues which I find myself agreeing on more with the Democrats than Republicans.”

Goldberg describes what she believes are parallels between the U.S. today and the USSR.

“I can see the division in this country is leading to a state where we are unable to tolerate each other’s opinions, which is exactly what my grandparents and my parents tried to escape in the Soviet Union,” she said. “We are so intolerant of other people’s opinions that I hear people saying, ‘Oh let’s just make a one-party state,’ like that’s ridiculous, that’s how intolerant they are.”

Goldberg also spoke about immigration and Trump’s travel ban. For “people who did nothing wrong, who are just bystanders and civilians” fleeing ISIS, Goldberg says:

“There definitely should be a safe haven, I just don’t want it to be in Brooklyn, NY.”

What does she think about Trump’s executive order on immigration back in January? How did the Brooklyn Teen Republican Club, founded by Goldberg, come about? Go to BKLYNER for more on this, as well as a video she made – “which was not without controversy” – as part of her efforts to get people involved in local politics.

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