BronxNet Debuts Its First FilAm Program

“Makilala TV” co-hosts and co-producers (from left): Jen Furer, Cristina DC Pastor, and Rachelle Ocampo share a laugh before the camera goes live. (Photo via The FilAm)

The first Filipino-American TV talk show in the metro area will now be broadcast on a third public access network and in an additional borough, reports Cristina DC Pastor, who is a part of the program.

On Sept. 7, “Makilala TV” will debut on BronxNet TV. The cultural program is hosted by public health professional Rachelle Ocampo, author Jen Furer, and Pastor of The FilAm, and filmed every month at Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s El Barrio Firehouse Community Media Center. Maricor Fernandez and Pastor started the program in 2013 when Queens Public Television first aired the show.

The talk show marks the first Filipino-American program broadcast on BronxNet TV in its 25-year history. The addition came about after the station’s executive director, Michael Max Knobbe, came upon the show by chance.

“First QPTV, then MNN, and now BronxNet! We are truly fulfilling our mission to raise the Filipino American voice through honest and provocative conversations,” said Ocampo. “I appreciated Mr. Knobbe’s genuine interest in our show and our potential to grow our viewership.”

Knobbe said the station would like to invite Filipinos living in the Bronx to attend training courses on field or studio production. Once they become certified access producers, they can use the facilities of BronxNet and produce their own shows.

There are approximately 4,800 Filipinos in the Bronx as of 2015, according to the Philippine Consulate in New York, citing data from the Migration Policy Institute.

For more on the “serendipitous” events that led to Makilala joining BronxNet TV, go to The FilAm.

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