Muslims Pray in a NW Bronx Church

Officer Mohammad Miah prays in the Episcopal Church of the Mediator. (Photo by Julius Constantine Motal via The Riverdale Press)

In the early afternoon on a recent Friday, a room in the Episcopal Church of the Mediator filled with congregants of the Abrar, an Islamic worship group that first met in Kingsbridge in 2011, writes Anthony Capote in The Riverdale Press. Soon after they outgrew their original space, Mediator offered a room for the group’s weekly jumah prayers, a service held every Friday.

With Imam Mohammed Haqu leading the prayer, some 180 congregants eventually filled the room. As the service falls in the middle of a weekday, many showed up in work or business clothes. And:

For some, like Kadian Stephenson, it’s not even a short trip. He travels from the East Bronx every week to worship at Mediator because it is the only service near him that is celebrated in English.

Go to The Riverdale Press to hear from one congregant, Officer Mohammad Miah, who returned to his street patrol after the service, and to find out how the Abrar’s search for a permanent home is going.

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