New Community Outreach Role for Korean-American NYPD Officer

Capt. Chungyoon Huh of the NYPD. (Photo via Korea Daily)

“Our Community Outreach Division never had a Korean official before, which means there was no linkage between the Korean community and the NYPD. As executive officer, I will do my best to create a close relationship with the Korean community.”

Capt. Chungyoon Huh of the NYPD became executive officer of the Community Outreach Division in the Community Affairs Bureau, which is in charge of directing each borough’s community outreach team in NYC.

Huh officially started working at the division last September. (…) It is the first time that she has worked in community relations since joining the NYPD in 1998. Until now, she has patrolled and worked in crime detection.

Huh said, “Crime prevention is very important and the NYPD has put a lot of effort into it recently. Our job is educating people on and promoting crime prevention tips and police policies.” She added, “People of many races live in New York City, and we have a duty to distribute crime prevention tips effectively to each ethnic community. And I thought I could do many things as a Korean American. I’m very pleased that I got approval to move to the Community Outreach Division after applying and passing multiple steps including interviews.”

The Community Outreach Division is responsible for directing each Borough Community Outreach Team, Clergy Liaison Program, Immigrant Outreach Unit and LGBT Outreach Unit. Among these, the Immigrant Outreach Unit is being emphasized these days.

She also said, “Because of Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, crimes that are targeted against immigrants have happened a lot lately. Therefore, the NYPD holds seminars to educate immigrants about these types of crimes and to offer prevention tips. Soon, the seminar will be held in the Korea community.”


Capt. Huh was the first Korean woman to be promoted to lieutenant in 2011 and was appointed captain last year, the highest position held by a Korean American in the NYPD.

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