Brooklyn Professor Translates Peruvian Poet’s Work

Dr. G. J. Racz, an associate professor and chair of the foreign languages and literature department at Long Island University Brooklyn, has translated a collection of poetry by Peruvian poet and University of Montana literature professor Eduardo Chirinos, who passed away in 2016. The bilingual edition, published this year, marks the 20th anniversary of the book.

In a Kings County Politics story on “The Bayard Street Tightrope Walker,” reporter José Negroni writes that “some of the most compelling poems pay tribute to Chirinos’ time spent as a scholar in the tri-state region,” especially in New Brunswick, New Jersey, where Chirinos received his Ph.D. in Spanish literature, and also New York.

(…) NYC stirs the imagery of a spiritual awakening for a Peruvian poet in Kings County.

Chirinos asserts, “With the tenuous gleam of the bells of St. Patrick’s on the Hudson/ What more can I say about snow scratching New York City’s thick hide?/ For someone who comes from the south, the snow is a gift/ and the city a maid with no breasts, slender as a silver reed./ That’s what old Pound said, / Though we were humming a tune by Frank Sinatra.”

For more on Racz and “The Bayard Street Tightrope Walker,” go to Kings County Politics.

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  1. Eduardo Chirinos changed my life. There is a reference to him in nearly everything I’ve ever written. I love his work and life.

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