From Damascus to Jersey City: One Immigrant’s Story

Ticket stub for NJ concert given by Nassif Zeytoun earlier this year. (Photo via Feet in 2 Worlds)

Yarra, a young Syrian, left Damascus with her family four years ago. Having been granted asylum by the U.S., they settled in New Jersey and started a new life. For Yarra, now in college, the adjustment has been a difficult one. She misses home, she feels (despite being fluent in English) far more comfortable speaking Arabic, and she talks regularly with Syrian friends who have scattered across the globe.

In a wide-ranging podcast from Feet in 2 Worlds, Yarra describes the stresses of life here, and the occasional pleasures – such as when she and friends had the opportunity to hear Syrian singer Nassif Zeytoun at a concert in NJ earlier this year. Listen to Yarra talk about missing the flavorful shawarma of Syria, listening to the Lebanese artist Fairuz, and hear Yarra and her mother as they muse about the possibility of returning to Syria.

Just as Yarra was beginning to feel more comfortable, she felt targeted by Donald Trump. Nonetheless, Yarra says, the U.S. is “kind of becoming home.” Find out why in the podcast from Feet in 2 Worlds.

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