Local Hispanic Leaders, Media Blast Trump’s ‘Offensive’ Puerto Rico Visit

[Below are excerpts from a story by El Diario’s Edwin Martínez, which includes reactions from New York Sen. Charles Schumer, Rep. Nydia Velázquez and City Comptroller Scott Stringer.]

City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito had harsh words for the president for the way he decided to make a spectacle of his visit by throwing cleaning supplies to a crowd as if he was at a county fair.

“This is repugnant. As if we were animals,” said the Puerto Rican politician, who also criticized leaders on the island who accompanied the president during his visit. “How do elected officials sitting at a table with Mr. Trump respond? With silence. What a way to defend our dignity.”


Carolina González, a spokeswoman for Local 32BJ, looked favorably upon Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico, but said that she hoped the tour will serve to ensure that the federal government will find the resources the island sorely needs.

“Despite his visit to the island, Trump still seems unable to comprehend or appreciate the human cost and the extent of the catastrophe, and the need for more resources to repair, rebuild and grow,” said González. “The time has come for President Trump and Congress to relieve Puerto Rico of its heavy debt so Puerto Ricans can recover.”


On Wednesday at noon, leaders, activists and Puerto Ricans living in New York City raised their voice in protest in Foley Square [pictured above] to demand that Washington send immediate assistance and to complain about the president’s lack of support during his visit to the island.


“Trump suffers from a mental condition”

[Trump’s Puerto Rico visit has prompted angry reactions from other local Hispanic media outlets. Below are excerpts from a heavily editorialized story by La Tribuna Hispana USA.]

If anyone wanted to confirm why a group of 27 psychiatrists have just published a book stating that Donald Trump suffers from a mental condition that makes him a clear and present danger to the country and the world, all they need to do is listen to the statements he made upon his arrival to Puerto Rico on Tuesday, Oct. 3, and see the spectacle he made when he lobbed towel paper rolls at the victims.

“I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack,” said Trump prior to his arrival on the island. (…)

Later on, he said that Puerto Ricans should feel “very proud” that 16 people perished, compared to the “thousands” who died in a “real catastrophe” like Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The last straw of his disdain for the people affected was when he tossed rolls of paper towels at the victims.


Obviously, Trump’s disproportionate and incoherent comparisons and his despicable acts at a time of tragedy – Puerto Rico has been ravaged by the hurricanes – confirm that Trump is “dangerously mentally ill,” as stated by the authors of the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” published this week.

The president’s outlandish statements did not end there. During another stop on his visit, he spoke about how happy he felt about spending “hundreds of millions of dollars” to build F-35 war planes, which have been under construction for years and have been controversial due to their high design and manufacture costs.


A word to the wise, what Trump meant is that to his government – controlled by the industrial military/security complex – spending more in weapons is higher on the list of priorities than helping people in times of tragedy.


Days before, during his Twitter fight with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, Trump had already expressed his obvious contempt for Puerto Ricans when he wrote: “They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.”

In other words, Trump has shown what he thinks and feels: Like he is the owner of the land, whipping his workers and throwing them toilet paper.


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