Naked Cowboy’s Wife Gets a Green Card Under Trump

Naked Cowgirl Patricia Burck, with her famous husband, Robert Burck, in Times Square. (Photo by Mariela Lombard via El Diario)

In 2003, Patricia Cruz, then only 14, crossed the Mexico-United States border reluctantly, led by her sister, and ended up living undocumented in New York. However, in 2008, as in a modern-day fairy tale – with a pant-less prince but with a happy ending – she met Robert Burck, Times Square’s famous Naked Cowboy, who not only became her husband but also fought by her side to get immigration to legalize her status.

“I had seen him in a book and knew that he was very famous but, when I met him, I was very impressed. He approached me, and I fell in love instantly. I loved his personality, and even dreamed of him often. It was not until four years later that we started a relationship,” said “Mrs. Burck,” also known as “Cowgirl,” with a glint in her eye and a wide smile as she remembered the night of Dec. 24, 2012, when she accepted Robert’s proposal to be his girlfriend.

“I came here, to Times Square, to say Merry Christmas to him, and he stole a kiss from me. Even though we had a beautiful relationship, he used to say that he did not believe in marriage and that it was not going to happen. Since I was not too interested in getting married either, I did not see a problem. But then, on Sept. 14 the following year, when I least expected it, I went to the hotel where he was staying in New Jersey, and he played Randy Travis’ song ‘[Forever and Ever, Amen]’ for me and gave me a ring. I did not hesitate to say yes,” said Cruz, who a few months later was wearing white and saying her wedding vows with the famous blond performer at Rancho Palos Verdes in California.

“We wore very elegant clothes, white, and with a train and all that… We didn’t get married naked,” said the Cowgirl. However, despite her happiness, she felt lonely.

“That was a beautiful day, but also a very sad one because no one in my family was able to be with me. All the guests were his family, and I had none. I think that, before that day, he did not fully realize what it really means to be undocumented. He told me: ‘I promise you that I will take you to see your mom,’” said Cruz.

He loves Trump too

The Naked Cowboy kept his promise. After submitting her adjustment of status application to USCIS four years ago and receiving four denials of the pardon required by an undocumented person to obtain legal status, Cruz finally received the good news in January, with Trump already in power.

“My pardon was approved, and I was told that, for legal reasons, I had to leave the United States, go to an appointment in Ciudad Juárez on Sept. 20 and then re-enter the country. The truth is that I was very scared because many people told me not to go, that things are not good right now and that they would not let me back in. But I prayed to God to give me courage, and I went. Not only did the consulate officials treat me extremely well, but I was also able to see my mother after more than 15 years,” said the Mexico native, excitedly.

“For a girl, leaving her mother from an early age and finding her again is as if they took something away from you and suddenly gave it back. We met up at the airport. I almost fainted. My blood pressure dropped; I could not see anything. But I went there with my husband, who always supports me, and we shared a beautiful moment. He even teared up… The first thing he said was: ‘Hola mi suegra’ (‘Hello, my mother-in-law’),” she said.

On Sept. 27, Patricia had no problems returning to New York and, even though she will receive her permanent green card in two months, she shook with joy when she heard the phrase “welcome to the United States” at the immigration counter.

“Coming in legally, without feeling such uncertainty, is very exciting. Today, I feel extremely happy to know that I am finally free, that one of my dearest dreams has come true, and that I will be able to go see my mom whenever I want,” she explained.

About the way the new resident is handling the political differences between her and her husband, who is a hardcore Trump supporter, she has an answer many consider wise.

“If our marriage has been successful, it is because we both respect each other’s decisions and what each one likes. I do not touch the subject with him, because this is not about me saying: ‘I do not want you to support Trump’ and making him do what I want. I think our relationship goes beyond that, and I cannot forget that, if I have papers right now, it is thanks to him, to the fact that he petitioned for me. If he likes Trump, that is his decision. However, I am clear that Trump should understand that we do not come here to take anyone’s job,” said Cruz.

Still, the Naked Cowboy cannot hide his desire to defend the current White House tenant, and goes as far as saying that he thinks the politician will help undocumented people who already live in the U.S.

“Donald Trump is trying to support everyone in the world, but he needs to think of the United States first. First the law must be obeyed, and the issue of illegal immigration has been a problem for many years. That is why we need to build a wall here first, and then solve the problem with an amnesty, which I think he will do,” said the famous performer. (…)

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