Woodside Filipino Restaurants Also Serve as Music Venues

Joy Pascua belting a number. (Photo by Mariel Padilla via The FilAm)

On a Saturday night at Promdi, a Filipino restaurant in Woodside, Queens, Joy Pascua and Arianne Aldecoa performed covers of “dated Top 40” hits and Filipino songs for some 75 patrons while they ate and drank. Promdi is one of several Filipino restaurants with live music and karaoke almost every night.

Pascua tells The FilAm‘s Mariel Padilla she’s more of a “hobbyist” with her day job being an online marketer for the Actors Fund.

“It’s hard to schlep it out here in Queens,” Pascua said, “but Filipinos out here are active and supportive because it reminds them of home.”

The singer spoke of the “subtle differences” she observed after the Duterte and Trump administrations took over their respective countries.

“It’s just people are more careful now,” Pascua said. “Filipinos, I think, like to just survive and not ruffle any feathers.”

She also commented on the sudden closing of a pro-Duterte restaurant over the summer. Find out what she said in the full story, along with more details from that Saturday night and other Filipino restaurants that feature live music.

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