A Trial Period for Halal Food at LI School

South High School in Valley Stream, Long Island (Photo via school website)

South High School in Valley Stream on Long Island has started offering halal food during a trial period, said the school district’s superintendent Bill Heidenreich.

Nick Ciccone of Valley Stream Herald reports that the move comes after Fatima Moien, a senior at SHS, made the request. The student, who’s Muslim, was “really shocked that it happened so quick.”

A pilot program of halal food options began last week [Oct. 16] at SHS, a junior-senior high school. (Students in grades 10 to 12 throughout the district are permitted to leave campus for lunch.) Interested students can place orders for the day or week before 9 a.m. Heidenreich said that only a handful of students have taken part so far. After Moien’s request, Heidenreich said, he called Whitsons Culinary Group, with which the district has a food service contract, to add the option for a trial period.

Go to Valley Stream Herald to read how the request stems from an American history class project and what the teacher had to say about Moien.

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