Bushwick Daily for Sale

Bushwick Daily, the digital site that has chronicled the development of the hip Brooklyn neighborhood for seven years, is up for sale, founder, publisher and editor Katarina Hybenova writes on the site.

Hybenova says she wants to sell to a “simply amazing” buyer who understands the neighborhood and wants to see it “grow in a just and sustainable way.” Hybenova, with more than 1,200 bylines under her belt, says she is ready for other projects, including, she said in response to emailed questions, finishing up a novel set in Bushwick.

The Bushwick Daily owner said that she will sell for a “fair” price, but declined to specify what that might be, beyond stating that it should reflect “the revenue we’re making and the influence we’ve built over the years.”

While Hybenova said that ideally she’d like to sell by the end of the year, she doesn’t plan to close the site. At the moment, Bushwick Daily has one part-time managing editor, about 15 paid freelance contributors, which includes writers, photographers, and videographers, and one commission-based sales person.

For Hybenova’s complete “wish list” for a buyer, go to Bushwick Daily.

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