Protesting Contracting Practices and More at LGA

The East Elmhurst Corona Alliance protests at LaGuardia Airport. (Photo via Queens Tribune)

Clergy leaders and others gathered at LaGuardia Airport on Nov. 22 and 27, and plan a returned visit at Christmas, to protest in favor of more participation by minority and women-owned businesses in the $8 billion renovation of the airport, reports Ariel Hernandez in Queens Tribune.

Rev. Johnnie Green, founding president of Mobilizing Preachers and Community (MPAC), told the Tribune that his group has petitioned the Cuomo administration for three years over the state’s failure to award more MWBE contracts.

Bishop Mitchell Taylor, vice president of MPAC and a Long Island City pastor, told the Tribune that protesters took a knee and said a prayer at LaGuardia Airport.

…”We’re not asking for anything from the state. We just want the ability to have a seat at the table to talk about possible opportunities before those opportunities are gone. It is public land, so the public should be a part of it.”

Among the contracts that protesters are questioning are concession stands in the terminals, electronic shops, convenience stores and newsstands.

“These are opportunities that the local public in greater Queens and the entire city should have access to,” said Taylor. “We have a lot of questions about that process and we would like some answers. Our local entrepreneurs want to be part of the project. We’re not asking for anything except the opportunity to bid on everything.”

Also protesting at the airport were residents of East Elmhurst. Find out why at Queens Tribune.

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