Showcasing Films on Caribbean Immigration

Weighing trauma: A still from Meschida Philip’s short film, “Scars of our Mother’s Dreams,” which examines the lifelong burden of pain that children of migrating Caribbean parents carry with them. Philip’s film and three other films will play at “The Caribbean Migrant Experience” screening at Brooklyn Commons on Nov. 21. (Photo via Caribbean Life)

Four short films on the Caribbean immigration experience will be shown at Brooklyn Commons in Prospect Lefferts Gardens on Nov. 21 as part of the Caribbean Film Academy’s Cinema Nights screening series. They will “showcase the sacrifices and troubles faced by Caribbean immigrants to the United States,” writes Caribbean Life’s Alexandra Simon, who speaks to the director of one of the films, “Scars of our Mother’s Dreams.”

“We need to start having honest conversations as to how our families were impacted by decisions to move for a better life,” said Meschida Philip. “We have success stories — and then we have stories that carry so much hurt at same time, and those are the stories we are not speaking about.”

Many Caribbean families are torn apart when a parent travels abroad in search of more opportunities, leaving their children behind. In her documentary film “Scars of our Mother’s Dreams,” Philip examines that suffering by speaking with two women who have not seen their mothers in decades.

Philip added that one of the women in the film had not seen her mother in 22 years while another saw hers after four decades. The director herself experienced this separation after her mother left Grenada for the U.S. Go to Caribbean Life to find out how it affected their relationship and what the director hopes the film will spark in the Caribbean community.

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