Sunset Park Parish Marks 125 Years

Our Lady of Perpetual Church celebrates 125 years. (Photo by Jaime DeJesus via Brooklyn Reporter)

Since September, the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Sunset Park has been observing its 125th year with events that included a Mass held in four languages and a party involving multicultural dances, writes Jaime DeJesus in Brooklyn Reporter.

Rev. James Gilmour describes how the parish has “always been an immigrant community.”

(…) “It continues to be a very vibrant immigrant community in Sunset Park. Our largest community is the Hispanic community. Also we have a very active and growing Chinese Catholic community. The old parishioners also, their children and grandchildren are in the parish. We have a Vietnamese community also so it’s very much part of our identity as an immigrant community. We bring all the groups together. It’s not parallel communities within the same building. We come together as one worshipping community.”

Go to Brooklyn Reporter for more commemorative events running through September of 2018, including a reunion for former members of the parish.

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