Riverdale Exhibit on Jewish Femininity

Aviva Braun and her daughter look at images in her exhibition ‘The Embodyment of Jewish Femininity’ at The Riverdale Y. The exhibit runs throughout November. (Photo by Aaron Mayorga via The Riverdale Press)

A new exhibit at The Riverdale Y explores what creator Aviva Braun says is often overlooked – the feminine side of Judaism, writes Tiffany Moustakas in The Riverdale Press. The psychotherapist and photographer spoke to the publication.

“I find myself often getting frustrated at how Jewish publications write and talk about Jewish women and eating disorders (and) body image,” Braun said. “There is rarely any discussion about feminism and how women need to feel empowered to feel good about their bodies, and be able to live fully within them.”

Braun took that frustration to a new level with her exhibition, “The Embodyment of Jewish Femininity,” currently on display throughout November at The Y’s Gallery 18. The exhibit features 15 photographs of women between a year old and 82, chronicling their individual relationships with their bodies.

Most of the women, Braun notes, live in Riverdale.

Go to The Riverdale Press for details on how the project started via Facebook and what was particularly memorable for Braun about working with two cancer patients.

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