A Caribbean Christmas Fest in Canarsie

The Braata Folk singers will perform traditional and modern Caribbean Christmas songs at the fifth-annual Old Time Grand Market in Canarsie on Dec. 10. (Photo by Jason Johnson via Brooklyn Daily)

For its fifth year, the Old Time Grand Market is leaving Queens for Brooklyn. The annual festival of Caribbean holiday traditions will take place on Dec. 10 at the Holy Family Church in Canarsie. For those from the Caribbean who are unable to visit home during the holiday season, they can “come experience a little taste of what a Caribbean Christmas is like,” organizer Andrew Clarke tells Alexandra Simon of Brooklyn Daily.

The old market tradition is a concept that originated in Jamaica before the rise of more modern trends of last-minute shopping. The marketplace was where people went to make purchases of all sorts of holiday-related treats and gifts, added Clarke.

“It was the last opportunity to go buy your Christmas gift because predating shopping malls, people went to the grand market,” he said.


“We have our cultural exhibit and a mini museum that talks about what a Caribbean Christmas is all about, with photos and displays of Christmas cake, coquito, and different things indigenous to each island in celebration of Christmas,” he said.

The festival highlights different Caribbean nations every year. Go to Brooklyn Daily to find out which countries get the spotlight this year, as well as the other cultural offerings in store, from the edible to the musical, for the Old Time Grand Market on Sunday.

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