An African Princess Story to Inspire Girls

Author Obioma Nwokolo (Photo via Forest Hills Times)

Obioma Nwokolo, of Forest Hills, Queens, has created a collection of dolls and a series of books to encourage confidence in young girls, reports Jennifer Khedaroo in a Forest Hills Times profile of the pharmacist and native of Nigeria.

There are currently two books in the series, which is named after the protagonist, Princess Omalie of the African kingdom of IgboOrai – “Princess Omalie: The Coronation and the Polka Dot Lamb” and “Princess Omalie: The Cheetah and the Chatterbox Parrot.” Nwokolo is working on a third book.

The Princess Omalie series is based on the dolls she designed. Nwokolo has woven a rich history of heritage and placed an emphasis on family for each doll.

Furthermore, it was important for her to have the dolls instill confidence, self-esteem and inner beauty.

On the Princess Omelie website, Nwokolo added a section called “Girls With a Conscience,” which teaches young girls about caring for those in need and positive activism. On the Instagram page, @princessomalie, there are posts about self-image and the importance of kindness, manners and education.

Khedaroo notes that the Princess Omelie dolls come after production stopped on Nwokolo’s original doll, which had a common African name. Find out what multinational company sent her an infringement letter over the name, where the Princess Omalie dolls and books are sold, and how Nwokolo’s young son played a role in producing this series, and an earlier series she wrote.

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