Anti-Asian Graffiti at LIRR Station

Anti-Asian messages found at the Murray Hill LIRR station. (Photo via The Korea Times)

On three separate occasions, anti-Asian graffiti has been found written on the walls of the Murray Hill Station of the LIRR. The Korea Times was first to report on the hateful messages, which included “Asians go home! Too crowded here!” and “Chinese Losers Town.” Since then, anti-Asian comments continue to be written on the walls at the station. Excerpts from continuing coverage by The Korea Times are below:


The controversy is growing over anti-Asian graffiti scrawled at a LIRR train station stop.

Since the removal of first hateful messages found on the wall at the platform of Murray Hill LIRR station on 18th, there have been more anti-Asian messages on two consecutive days.

On Dec. 19, someone wrote a message saying “Please Stop the ……. from entering USA”. Actually, someone covered the part of the sentence. (….)

Korean community leaders said it’s unacceptable and will take serious action if necessary.

The next day, another disturbing message was found. This time someone wrote “Koreans out Now” and  “Asians go home.”

YoungHwan Kim, a president of Murray Hill Merchant Association, said: “These messages seem written by the same person. Though the police started an investigation and the MTA removed the messages, it couldn’t stop this hate crime. We strongly urge immediate action to arrest the suspect.”

The Korean-American Parents Association’s president, YoonHee Choi said: “Vandalism is obviously one of the sensitive issues in the U.S and we consider this serious vandalism. Our community and local officials should stop this along with the enforcement.”

The MTA police haven’t found the suspect yet.

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