‘Christmas in El Barrio’

The show will be a display of traditional Puerto Rican dances and music such as bomba and plena.
(Photo by Andres Rodríguez via Caribbean Life)

A Puerto Rican-style Christmas show will be on view at the Kumble Theater at LIU Brooklyn on Dec. 10, featuring the East Harlem-based band Los Pleneros de la 21, reports Alexandra Simon in Caribbean Life.

“Christmas in El Barrio” will be performed by the 12-member group of musicians and dancers. They take their inspiration from bomba and plena — two Afro-Puerto Rican styles and sounds.

“It’s very honest, very approachable, and very funky — it’s something that regardless of where you come from you’re going to love it,” said [group founder] Juan Gutierrez.


“Bomba is traditional music and our repertoire is based on that and has a New York flavor,” he said. “The elders maintained the style untouched in Puerto Rico but it kept evolving outside, so the foundation is old school but there are many influences.”

Go to Caribbean Life to read what Gutierrez had to say about performing at this particular time.

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