Council Passes Bill on Diversity in Construction

(Photo by wellecks, Creative Commons license)

A bill to address discrimination in the construction industry and encourage a more diverse workforce passed in the City Council on Dec. 11 with a vote of 45-2, reports Kings County Politics’ Kelly Mena.

The legislation, introduced by Robert Cornegy Jr. of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Northern Crown Heights, is described as follows:

This bill would require certain contractors employed to work on city-funded construction projects to disclose to an agency designated by the mayor, the zip code of their employees’ primary address; the address, block, and lot number of the city-funded construction project; and whether such contractor is certified as a minority-owned or women-owned business enterprise.

Cornegy said that construction jobs “often serve as pathways to the middle-class. Unfortunately, communities of color are woefully underrepresented in our city’s construction industry.”

Two months earlier, a “controversial” bill addressing another aspect of the construction industry passed in the Council. Go to Kings County Politics for more on the bill and what sponsor Jumaane Williams said about how the two pieces of legislation can go together in confronting the “culture” in the industry.

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