‘Immigrant Defense Manual’ Published

On Thursday, Make the Road New York (MRNY) and other grass-roots organizations from New York and the metro area published an Immigrant Defense Manual in Spanish aiming to educate immigrant families on how to protect themselves against deportation. The document also explains the rights of undocumented New Yorkers in detail, in case they need to interact with immigration agents.

The guide was launched after it was made public that arrests of undocumented people by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have increased 40 percent across the nation under the administration of President Donald Trump, according to federal data analyzed by advocates.

The manual, available in English and Spanish, seeks to prepare families to interact with ICE agents during a targeted arrest or raid. Its simple language allows readers to easily understand how they can defend themselves from an unexpected detention or a deportation case.

The document also clarifies that ICE agents may not enter a dwelling without a judicial order or the resident’s permission. The topics covered in the manual include “Raids Rapid Response,” “Know Your Rights” and “Deportation Defense.”

The recommendations offered include not opening the door to ICE agents, remaining calm and silent, not signing any documents, and filming the arrest of a relative or neighbor before calling the Immigrant Defense Project to report the raid or operation in question.

Luba Cortés, an organizer with MRNY, said in a press release that, as “our loved ones face attacks and raids under the Trump administration, we need to make sure that they are prepared with all the information regarding their rights.”

“This new manual includes information that is crucial for our communities,” she added.


 Advocates suggest that families print out the document so they can have the information at hand in case of an emergency.

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