A Letter from Bklyner


Bklyner publisher and editor Liena Zagare announced in a letter addressed to readers that thanks to its 1,745 paid subscribers, the local news outlet is “going to keep publishing.” In December, the website held a subscription drive to keep the publication afloat.

To keep our small, high-impact newsroom sustainable, we calculate that we’ll need 3,000 subscribers — less than 1% of our readers — to support us at $5/month. But with everyone’s help, we are on our way.

Thank you.

The last three weeks have been a nail-biting experience around here — wondering if we can make it, if enough people will care, if enough people will get around to actually pulling out their credit cards to sign up.

Read her full letter, including what the money is going toward and stories reporters are working on now, at Bklyner.


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