A Letter to Trump from ‘a Proud Shitholer’

[Editor’s note: Garry Pierre-Pierre, founder of The Haitian Times and former New York Times reporter, wrote the following open letter to Donald Trump. This story has been updated with a tweet from Haitian-American NYS Assembly member Rodneyse Bichotte, one of many who attended the Times Square #RallyAgainstRacism on Martin Luther King Day.]

Don the Con

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. Con,

You know last November I read that you said that all Haitians had AIDS and you know I didn’t believe it because it came from the failing New York Times. That fake news outlet where I spent more than six years as a staff reporter. Imagine that, giving a shithead like me from a shithole country a job as a reporter. No wonder they’re failing.

But I digress. You said you wanted 60,000 of my countrymen to either self-deport or you will let those nice guys from ICE take care of it for you. I said nothing. Yesterday, I heard what you called a whole African continent, El Salvador and again, your favorite country, my beloved Haiti.

Now Mr. Con, I don’t know what to believe because you had promised the Haitians that there wouldn’t be a bigger supporter and defender of them than you. You knew that there was some beef with “Crooked Hillary” and you sealed their faith. You conned us again.

Since you seem so enamored with that country, let me give you a brief history lesson about that shithole. I know you don’t like to read so I will give it to you the way Stephen Miller, the other genius in the White House, does it for you. Here are a few bullet points for your consideration:

  • Haitian soldiers fought in the American War of Independence in the Battle of Savannah in Georgia
  • Inspired by what they saw in America, they returned to Haiti and began their own revolt against the French
  • This rag tag slave army defeated the mighty Napoleon, you’ve heard of him, right?
  • You know what happens next, France is so humiliated that a bunch of shithole soldiers kicked his ass, he sold his territory in America, you probably heard of the Louisiana Purchase, instantly doubling the size of the U.S. and prompted the westward expansion
  • Oh you will like that, Napoleon made Haiti pay an exorbitant sum for kicking their ass. It took decades for Haiti to repay that blackmail money
  • U.S. then decided to not recognize that shithole because imagine a bunch of black people in 1804 calling themselves freed men and women so close to the U.S. south where slavery thrived. When America was Great.
  • It wasn’t until 80 years later that you recognize that shithole as a nation
  • So that shithole was isolated during the industrial revolution and knew nothing about that period

I promised to keep it short because I want you to understand that shithole place. Let that sink in for a moment Mr. CON.


A proud shitholer who became an American by choice and is sad that you’re destroying the ideals of America.

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