Funding Awarded to Help Brooklyn LGBTQ Interns

Floyd Rumohr is spearheading an effort at Brooklyn Community Pride Center to create an internship program serving LGBTQ youth. (Photo by Zoe Freilich via Brooklyn Paper)

New York Community Trust has awarded Brooklyn Community Pride Center $120,000 to start and subsidize for 18 months a paid internship program for the comparatively undeserved young LGBTQ professionals in the borough, writes Colin Mixson in Brooklyn Paper.

“Brooklyn doesn’t really have the service centers for gay and lesbian kids that Manhattan, or even Queens, has,” said Roderick Jenkins, a senior officer for the New York Community Trust’s jobs and youth development grant program.

But the generous sum is just a start, because the paid-internship program’s success will depend on Brooklyn Community Pride Center officials’ ability to create a network of employers willing to hire LGBTQ interns, the facility’s executive director said.

“The big question I have is what is the degree to which employers are going to respond to our appeal to support LGBTQ youth, and work with us,” said Floyd Rumohr.

Rumohr added that therapists will also be available to the participants “to aid with emotional challenges and stresses unique to LGBTQ locals.”

For more on the needs the center is “uniquely positioned to address” according to the executive director, details about the program and what inspired Rumohr to help the younger generation, go to Brooklyn Paper.

Also read a Times Ledger story on how city funding allocated in 2017 to the LGBT Community Center in Manhattan in the amount of $100,000 provided for immigration and career coaching sessions to hundreds of immigrants in the community.

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