Politics and Culture at Three Kings Parade

(Photo via Manhattan Times)

[Update: The Three Kings Day Parade has been cancelled because of inclement weather. El Museo del Barrio announced that in its place a “Super Sabado” will be held on Jan. 20 to celebrate Three Kings Day.]

As El Museo del Barrio prepares for its 41st annual Three Kings Day Parade on Jan. 5, Manhattan Times‘ Gregg McQueens speaks to Ana Chireno, the museum’s director of government and community affairs, who describes how the “neighborhood ritual” holds particular meaning this year for the Puerto Rican and Latino communities amid the aftermath of Hurricane María and the country’s political climate.

“We had a galvanizing event this year that brought the community together,” said Chireno of the hurricane. “It definitely hangs over this year’s parade.”

El Museo has been active in attempting to help those affected by María. In October, the museum held an artwork auction, raising $18,000 to aid hurricane victims.

In addition to the typical parade glitz, this year’s march carries cultural significance, with the current U.S. political climate causing immigrant communities to feel oppressed.

“Parades aren’t normally thought of as political events, but with people feeling that that their heritage is under attack, celebrating culture is politically powerful,” remarked Chireno.

She said the theme for this year’s parade is “Freedom Fighters,” intended to celebrate individuals dedicated to promoting liberty and equality.

This year, the parade will also have “a rarity for the Three Kings Parade.” Find out what that is, along with details on the parade, at Manhattan Times.

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