‘Spice Infused’ Ice Cream in NYC

Pooja Bavishi (Photo by Morgan Ione Yeager via Little India)

Little India’s Aswati Anand speaks to Pooja Bavishi, the entrepreneur behind Malai, which offers Brooklyn-made ice cream in 21 flavors including golden turmeric, masala chai and the most popular flavor, rose with cinnamon roasted almonds.

“Our flavors are extremely spice infused and use global ingredients. These flavors are familiar to many people, even if they have not before seen it in these combinations, or in an ice cream,” Bavishi tells Little India.

Case in point, her favorite flavor among her ice cream creations is Orange fennel. “Orange and fennel is a classic combination in other types of savory cuisine. I thought that it could pair really nicely in ice cream as well. Customers are always telling me about how familiar the ice cream tastes even though they have tasted nothing like it before.”

How did Bavishi’s upbringing in North Carolina, and summers spent in India, inspire her to start Malai? Why did rose ice cream almost not make it to the menu? And where can you buy Malai ice cream? Find out at Little India.

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