Will Ramos Challenge Peralta?

Jessica Ramos (Photo by Oscar Frasser via Times Ledger)

State Sen. Jose Peralta may be challenged next year by Jessica Ramos, who from 2010 to 2014 served as district leader in Jackson Heights. Ramos recently resigned her post as head of Latino media for Mayor Bill de Blasio and is considering running against Peralta, reports Bill Parry in Times Ledger.

Ramos has found that time hasn’t healed the wound in her community since Peralta decided to leave the mainline Democrats in January and join the renegade Independent Democratic Caucus, which maintains a power-sharing agreement with the Republicans for control of the state Senate.

“The sense of betrayal in Jackson Heights and the other neighborhoods like Corona, East Elmhurst, LeFrak City, Astoria and Woodside is still very palpable,” Ramos said. “We are very progressive in these communities so for him to betray us was particularly hurtful. Everyone is still very upset with him.”

During her time as district leader, Ramos supported Peralta.

“I volunteered for his campaign in 2010 when he was running to unseat Hiram Monserrate and that was a clear-cut choice and I thought he was standing up for what I believed,” Ramos said. “We’ve looked up to him for a very long time. I personally feel like I’ve been duped. I feel like he’s left some very important issues on the back burner like rent reform. I rent the home where I am raising my two boys. When the lease is up, the landlord can raise it by $600. I’m very lucky that my landlord is a good guy. I’m also dealing with student debt and most of my disposable income goes to that instead of buying a home.”

Go to Times Ledger to read about Ramos’ “deep connections” with the neighborhood, why she says the residents of the area want a “real Democrat” to represent them in Albany and when she says she’ll be making up her mind.

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