Education Group Criticizes Black History Bill

Shakespeare & Co. (Photo by cisc1970, Creative Commons license)

A bill sponsored by state Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D-Central Brooklyn) that would work to implement Black history into the public school curriculum has been criticized by the nonprofit Alliance for Quality Education. But the issue may be over more than just the proposed legislation, reports Kings County Politics.

The bill would establish a commission to develop a program of study on African American accomplishments including the “women’s abolitionist movement, the Harlem renaissance, the Buffalo anti-slavery movement and the suffrage of African American Long Islanders.”

It passed the Senate in June 2017 but died in the Assembly. It is expected to pass the Senate again this year.

Reporter Stephen Witt writes:

But the Alliance for Quality Education (AQE), which sources say were responsible for torpedoing the bill in the assembly last year, has embarked on an unusually vicious campaign to stop the bill again this year. This includes a Facebook and other social media campaign with the hashtag #FakeBlackHistoryBill.

“We find the bill very problematic,” said AQE Legislative Director Jamine Gripper. “The AQE along with the Coalition for Educational Justice have been working for over a year to increase culturally responsive education in schools.”

Gripper said this includes incorporating more diversity in the teacher ranks, getting current teachers better trained in diversity issues and getting more state funding to purchase culturally diverse text books.

All Hamilton’s bill does is establish a commission and previous studies have shown that no one adheres to recommendations, she said.

Gripper did acknowledge that part of the problem they have is with Hamilton personally (…)

Find out what that is, and Hamilton’s response, in the full story at Kings County Politics.

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