Indian Mythology, via Animated Videos

A visual from Storychatter. (Facebook image via News India Times)

A sister and brother team in New Jersey have launched an animated series that retells the epic stories of Indian mythology, so as to help young Indian-American children to readily maintain cultural ties and learn about their heritage, reports Ruchi Vaishnav in News India Times.

The series, available on an online platform known as Storychatter, was devised by Nikhita (Nikki) Mahendru, a senior, and her brother Vikram Mahendru, a sophomore, at Millburn High School, in Millburn. What spurred them?

“When our grandparents would visit from India, everyday after school they would always tell us the epic stories of Ram, Hanuman and many more, and I remember I would always ask them to tell me more even though story time was over for the day,” Nikki said.

“But when our grandparents went back to India, we were lost in terms of our identities,” she added, saying that they wanted to make sure that when they re-created these stories, they connected to the children of today. “I love books but they didn’t feed our imagination so we decided to launch an online platform. Vikram even developed an app so they (children) can have what they want, when they want,” she added.

Read more about the siblings’ idea for extending the franchise to other cultures, and hear their voices on a sample video, at News India Times.

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