Suraj Patel Running Against Maloney

Suraj Patel (Photo via Queens County Politics)

Suraj Patel, 34, is running against Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-12, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn) but, writes Brandon Jordan of Queens County Politics, “he is not running against the incumbent; rather, he is running to change the Democratic Party as an outsider.”

Patel, who is the son of Indian immigrants, has received $550,000 in campaign contributions, outraising Maloney four to one.

But Patel does not want the election framed as him against Maloney. He prefers to focus on getting citizens engaged, especially after the last presidential election.

“The political establishment is the reason why Donald Trump is in the White House,” he said.

Of course, Patel is familiar with political campaigns as he worked in both Obama for America presidential campaigns. He also advised Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016 and worked for a mayor in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Yet the East Village inhabitant opts for another style of campaigning. Instead of the traditional model, he wants his campaign as a startup. He views the political process as a market and voters as customers participating in a free service. This service, he noted, doesn’t work anymore with many voters feeling apathetic.


Patel believes the district can lead the nation on a progressive path. This includes universal health care, attend college without debt, access to affordable housing, end cash bail, curb climate change, and more.

Read more at Queens County Politics on Patel’s campaign, his efforts in “transforming the idea of democracy,” and the “hands-on approach” he would take if elected.


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