The ‘First Tortilla Factory Remains as One of the Last’

Mi Barrio Tortilleria (Photo by Andrew Tobia via Bushwick Daily)

Bushwick Daily’s Andrew Tobia pays a visit to Mi Barrio Tortilleria in Bushwick to see how the Brooklyn neighborhood’s first tortilla factory has survived for more than three decades. He writes:

When it opened 35 years ago, it was the first tortilla factory in Brooklyn. Eventually, the area between the Jefferson L and the Flushing JMZ stops became known as the Tortilla Triangle for its glut of tortilla factories.

Today, the first tortilla factory remains as one of the last.

“There’s only three of us left in this area,” said Miguel Carrera, owner of both Mi Barrio and Azteca Linda. “One on Grand [Street], us, and Los Hermanos.”

Mi Barrio, which is also a distributor of Latino food items and produce, includes among its clientele Casa Enrique, the only Mexican restaurant in the city with a Michelin star, and nearly every restaurant in Bushwick that sells dishes with tortillas as an ingredient.

Carrera became the sole owner eight years ago. It all started with his father, who used to work as a driver for the factory before opening a cheese plant across the street – Azteca Linda. Find out how he came to own Mi Barrio, as well as how the factory has grown in the years since Carrera took over, at Bushwick Daily.

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