A Conversation on Black Media

Black Media: Basir Mchawi, moderator and host of Education at the Crossroads on WBAI-FM, Nayaba Arinde, editor, The Amsterdam News; Wuyi Jacobs of Afrobeat Radio, a public affairs and music show on WBAIFM; David Greaves, co-founder and publisher of Our Time Press and native Brooklyn filmmaker Attika J. Torrence (Photo via Our Time Press)

On Feb. 26, members of the New York-based Black press participated in “Real Black Media or Fake News?”, a roundtable at For My Sweet in Brooklyn. Nayaba Arinde of Amsterdam News, Wuyi Jacobs of WBAI-FM’s Afrobeat Radio, Brooklyn filmmaker Attika J. Torrence and David Greaves, founder of Our Time Press, shared ideas for making Black media sustainable and accessible. Basir Mchawi, of WBAI-FM’s “Education at the Crossroads,” hosted.

Our Time Press covered “snippets” of the discussion.

Jacobs brought up the idea of Black publications working with African-based media outlets while stressing the necessity of a “stable economy” in the U.S. Black community – without jobs, people won’t buy newspapers or go to news websites. He added:

“So, there are some things that we really need to do beyond talking about creating content. That’s very important. We’re talking about owning our own narratives. That’s very important. But we need to move to the next step. What does it mean to own? How do you create ownership structures? How do we create sharing structures? How do we create partnership structures? And how do we make sure that it’s available to the 4.6 billion people on this planet if they want it at the tip of their fingers? And it’s possible. It’s not like we don’t have the market. Every nation on the African Continent has a television station. Some have big media companies now.

Arinde, meanwhile, emphasized, “Don’t see our media as lesser than. Share the links.” Read more from her on how to reach the community and what the other panelists said, at Our Time Press.

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