Opinion: Maloney’s Comment ‘Smacks of Hypocrisy and Racism’

Suraj Patel (Photo from campaign website via News India Times)

“New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s pathetic attack on funds raised by her challenger Suraj Patel, an Indian American entrepreneur, for the June Democratic primary, smacks of hypocrisy and racism. Coming from an incumbent member of Congress who represents one of the bluest districts in the US, it’s even more appalling.”

In a column for News India Times, Sujeet Rajan writes in response to a BuzzFeed interview in which Maloney, who represents the 12th district (eastern Manhattan, Astoria, Long Island City, Woodside, Greenpoint), said that Patel’s campaign disclosures included donors from his home state of Indiana and “a huge amount of the name Patel.”

The story mentioned that Patel announced last month he has raised more than $550,000. “According to opensecrets.org, Maloney has raised $460,000 in the current election cycle,” Rajan added. He writes:

To make a political rival look like an outsider is a time and tested strategy. However, it’s disgusting of Maloney to try paint Patel as an Indian American who’s being helped only by his own ‘people’ in the primary.

Maloney would not dare single out a Patel or an Indian American by another name who has contributed to her campaign. And for sure, one will find many such donors, apart from businesses and corporates with Indian American and Asian ties, who’s opened up their wallet for her.

What’s next for the veteran Congresswoman: point out disparagingly that Indian American donors help strengthen the brown community by fundraising or contributing to fellow Indian American candidates?

Read more from Rajan’s column, including Patel’s “smart retort” to Maloney’s comment, at News India Times.

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