Outcry Over Brooklyn Museum’s Hire for African Art

A BK Reader story on the Brooklyn Museum’s newly appointed consulting curator of the African art department has not been well-received, going by the comments left on the story and social media postings.

Andrea Leonhardt reported on the appointment of Kristen Windmuller-Luna as the Sills Family Consulting Curator of African Art. She is described as a “curator and historian of African arts and architecture, with a specialization in the early modern period and Christian Ethiopia.”

The news was met with disbelief as indicated by comments like Rabiah’s:

Great, let’s continue to have white people tell the stories of black communities that were colonized by their ancestors, whites don’t see anything wrong with this, and this is 2018 and folks wonder why we still have problems on race.

And Jennifer’s:

Just… why? With so many ongoing quality discussions happening around the country about representation, and then this? Why do white people continuously need to take away stories from black people? The very idea of these two being the ones to choose and procure what to display and what stories to tell is extremely upsetting.

I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that The Brooklyn Museum couldn’t attract/find/locate black people for these roles. Yet again, white people telling and rewriting the stories of POC.

Readers also took to Twitter to express their outrage. See tweets and more on the controversy at Bklyner.


  1. Adam Phillips says:

    Well it would be nice to back up your assertion that it was poorly received with more than just two comments. It was also appropriate to balance it with the museum’s point of view Isn’t this obvious?

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