Willets Point’s Latino Workers in 360°

This is the first 360-degree virtual reality (360 VR) video that QueensLatino has uploaded to its website. Our director, Javier Castaño, advised Maite Hernández and Piter Ortega in the decision-making and production of this video about Latino workers in Willets Point, Queens, who have been and continue to be displaced from their auto shops.

The 360-degree VR video allows users to move the image in any direction. This feature is only available when watching on YouTube or Facebook [in Chrome and Firefox]. It is a new trend in the digital world, and QueensLatino has always been at the cutting edge of internet technology. We believe that it is the first 360 VR video in Spanish created for a website in New York City. Enjoy it, as it is part of the history of the nation’s Latino news reporting.

The reality of these Latino workers in Willets Point is depressing, and Hernández and Ortega – both students in the CUNY School of Journalism’s master’s program – wonderfully illustrated the past and present of this community, which faces an uncertain future.

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