Mexicans Welcome Carranza in Sunset Park

The city’s new schools chancellor Richard Carranza performing with a mariachi band in Sunset Park April 16. (Photo by Kelly Mena via Kings County Politics)

Members of New York’s Mexican community welcomed the new schools chancellor, Richard Carranza, at Sunset Park High School on April 16 with Carlos Menchaca, the city’s first Mexican-American Council member, and Ambassador Diego Gómez-Pickering, the consul general of Mexico, hosting. As Menchaca noted during the festival, Carranza now serves as the highest ranking Mexican American in the de Blasio administration. Kelly Mena covered the event for Kings County Politics.

“I’m also going to call it how I see it. If there is discrimination, we are going to call it discrimination. I am so proud that city schools value diversity and we value an English language learner, who is not a deficit,” added Carranza.

The new leader of schools went on to ensure the crowd that he was going to stand proud next to them when it came to federal legislation that might affect immigrant families. Carranza is hoping to use his platform to show the Trump Administration the value of immigrants and their ability to succeed in the U.S.

P.S. 120 Principal Liza Caraballo Suarez and a Mexican immigrant parent spoke about what the appointment of Carranza means for Mexicans and Latinos. See what they said at Kings County Politics.

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