Nixon Touts Sanctuary State and Driver’s Licenses For Immigrants

Cynthia Nixon (Photo from video from via El Diario)

Under the progressive Democratic platform she is running in the upcoming election, Cynthia Nixon wants not only to be governor but also to challenge the Donald Trump administration. The actress, activist and now candidate welcomed El Diario at her home to explain that New York is “wonderful, progressive, diverse, but also quite unequal.” In her view, minorities, low-income people and immigrants have the worst part.

“Immigrants, undocumented or not, are under tremendous attack, and we must take concrete steps to protect our people,” she said, in reference to Trump. One of the first measures Nixon is proposing to reinforce this protection is to “issue driver’s licenses.” She added: “We used to do that until it was rescinded after 9/11. But I think people who have the right age and know how to drive should get these permits.”

Nixon believes that this would make it safer for drivers in the streets and also “may prevent one of the most frequent modes of operation used by Donald Trump’s ICE to separate families.”

“One may have a minor [traffic] infraction but because they do not have a license the whole apparatus suddenly sets into motion and may quickly lead to a deportation. We must stop this path to deportation,” explained the candidate.

Nixon said that, as a member of the LGBTQ community, she understands what it means to be treated as if she were not a whole person with full rights. “We need to double our efforts to say that a New Yorker is a New Yorker, regardless of their status,” she stressed while softly pounding her kitchen counter, which appears to be one of the meeting points for her family, and even the play area of her youngest son, judging from the Lego structure sitting there.

“We must pass legislation to make sure that we are not collaborating with ICE, that they are not welcome here, and we must pass the Dream Act,” she said. “If we have scholarship programs for our youths in New York, they need to be available to all, no matter their status.”

Nixon also wants New York to be a sanctuary state, the way New York City is and following the steps of such states as California and Oregon.

The candidate addressed the issue of inequality across the state on [a Twitter post on] Wednesday when she spoke about legalizing marijuana, as she believes that keeping it illegal penalizes the African-American and Latino communities in particular.

“Black and Latino people are 10 times more likely to be arrested for marijuana than the rest, when everybody uses it,” said Nixon, adding that the criminal justice system is treating some people unfairly, as is evidenced by the disproportionate numbers of people of color who are incarcerated.

The Democratic contender said that there is no doubt that many people are being arrested because they are different and are treated unfairly because they are poor and unable to afford to pay bail. “We must end these cash bails.”

Nixon said she started out as an activist when she took her son to kindergarten 17 years ago and saw the uneven financing, segregation and inequality in public schools greatly affecting communities of color. “Public schools are the cornerstone of our democracy. They are the place where workers and immigrants should have the best chance to advance, but when schools are unequal, segregated and underfunded, everything else rots.”


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