Remembering Winnie Mandela in Brooklyn

Memorial service for Winnie Mandela at House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn (Photo by Lem Peterkin via Amsterdam News)

Rev. Dr. Karen Daughtry led a ceremony to honor Winnie Mandela at the House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn on April 10, eight days after the anti-apartheid activist died in Johannesburg at age 81.

Amadi Ajamu writes in the Amsterdam News that Daughtry had founded Sisters Against South African Apartheid in 1986 and “established a strong bond with Mandela and her sister comrades in South Africa.” In her remarks, Dr. Cheryl Anthony of Judah International remembered Mandela’s visit to New York in 1990. The trip included a stop at House of the Lord and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

“We needed a large site to greet her,” said Anthony. “At that time, I was the director of Public Affairs at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The administration’s response was not very good. They gave her every excuse not to host Winnie Mandela until [Brooklyn community leader] Sonny Carson paid them a visit. Suddenly they said they could do something there for her.”

For more on the memorial, including comments from Assembly member Charles Barron, who was in attendance with his wife Inez Barron of the City Council, and Viola Plummer, chair of the December 12th Movement, go to Amsterdam News.

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