Before Leaving Brooklyn, El-Yateem Starts Political Club

Rev. Khader El-Yateem (Photo by Gabe Carroll for Voices of NY)

Rev. Khader El-Yateem, the Palestinian-born founder of the Salam Arabic Lutheran Church, will move to Florida at the end of May to serve as assistant to the bishop and the director of evangelical mission at the Florida-Bahamas Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. He became the first Palestinian American to run for public office in the city last year when he entered the Democratic primary race for the 43rd district seat of the City Council. He came second to Justin Brannan, who went on to win the general election.

El-Yateem wrote on his Facebook page that he ran last year “for my community. A community that people told us ‘didn’t vote.’ We proved that assumption wrong, and then some.” To continue the political momentum his campaign generated, particularly among the Arab-American community, El-Yateem has started Yalla (“let’s go” in Arabic) Brooklyn, a political club “that will continue building the political voice of underrepresented communities, increasing voter turnout, and making political education accessible for all.”

In reporting on the new club, Brooklyn Reporter’s Paula Katinas writes:

The fledgling organization has already held its first meeting to elect the members of its executive committee. El-Yateem described the club members as “a diverse and talented group of immigrants, young Arab and Muslim leaders, and allies.”

For more on the club’s mission and El-Yateem’s background, go to Brooklyn Reporter.

Meanwhile, will El-Yateem ever return to Brooklyn? Find out at Brooklyn Paper.

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