Offering Cow Heel Soup in Brooklyn

Clinton Urling, co-owner of German’s Soup in East Flatbush, holds a bowl of his late father’s famous chicken soup. He and his older brother Hubert Urling Jr., who runs the flagship Georgetown location, make the soups following their father’s recipe. (Photo by Jason Speakman via Caribbean Life)

Much to the delight of Guyanese immigrants in Brooklyn, German’s Soup opened its second location in early May – in East Flatbush, some 2,500 miles away from where it first opened in Georgetown, Guyana 58 years ago. Co-owner Clinton Urling speaks to Alexandra Simon of Caribbean Life about what the restaurant means to the diaspora.

“It’s really a big deal back in Guyana, so a lot of folks living here, they got stories to tell about their experience with the restaurant, so it’s been a lot of Guyanese pride,” said Clinton Urling. He is the son of the late Hubert “German” Urling, who began selling a cow heel soup to his neighbors in the 1960s and soon found that his special broth was the talk of the town.

At the Brooklyn location, the most popular soup remains the cow heel soup. The restaurant also offers the multicultural dishes that make up Guyanese cuisine.

The menu also includes three other meat-based soups — beef, chicken, and oxtail — as well as a vegetarian option. It also offers cuisine inspired by Guyana’s blend of African, Amerindian, Chinese, and Indian cultures, including curries, cook-up rice, Guyanese chow-mein, and pepper pot.

Has Urling had to adjust any of the recipes for the restaurant’s new home? Where did his father’s nickname come from? And what did Urling say would happen if he had dared to change the restaurant’s name? Find out at Caribbean Life.

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