A Caribbean ‘Carnival Prince’ Created in Queens

Trinidadian-American author and illustrator Daniel O’Brien with his children’s book, “The Carnival Prince.” (Photo by Caroline Ourso via Caribbean Life)

Influenced by the traditional tales from his childhood, Daniel O’Brien illustrated and wrote “The Carnival Prince,” the Caribbean Carinval-themed story of a young boy who travels through Trinidad and Tobago and comes across animals, mythical creatures and other people. The illustrator, who lives in Queens, discusses the children’s chapter book with Caribbean Life’s Alexandra Simons.

“The book is a combination of West Indian folklore and Trinidadian traditions, and I brought those two together in this book because I wanted to bring them together and tell it through the eyes of new characters,” said O’Brien.

Born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago until eight years old, O’Brien said in his trips back to his native country he often participated in carnival festivities. Coming from a family of carnival enthusiasts he was very immersed in the culture. This exposure led to the inspiration for many of his illustrations, and eventually writing the book.

Go to Caribbean Life for more on the “standout aspect” at the end of the book and what distinguishes “The Carnival Prince” from other books on folklore.

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